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Name: Madi
Pronoun: she/her
Email address: runawayballista@gmail.com
Preferred contact: [plurk.com profile] runawayballista (preferred), AIM: timetravelresetbaby
Other characters: Milly, Baelheit, Knock Out, Arcee

Name: Lina Inverse
Aliases: Lina Isaacs (civilian/legal name)
Canon: http://kanzaka.wikia.com/wiki/Lina_Inverse
Role: Alpha Force member, superhero, beautiful sorcery genius
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23ish

Lina only stands about 5' tall. She's pretty puny.

Origin story: Hailing from the suburbs in central New Jersey, Lina’s had a fairly ordinary childhood, at least by all appearances -- it’s always been her and her parents, who own a local delicatessen, and her older sister Luna. Of course, nothing with the Isaacs family is all that it seems; magic has run in her family for generations, and both of her parents are respected, although more or less retired, members of the Enclave. Back in their youth they’d participated in some degree of heroics, but now that they’ve settled down in the suburbs, they don’t have much to do with the community anymore and mostly only stay in occasional contact with the Enclave. Lina’s sister Luna, however, showed promise with magical ability from a fairly young age, and their parents have always been encouraging when it comes to their daughters taking up magical studies.

Lina has always thought sorcery is way cool, but was a tad overshadowed by her older sister for some of her childhood, who excelled at sorcery and also joined the Enclave. Lina didn’t display the same magical powers as early on as Luna, although she’s always had big dreams of adventure and action. With no real outlet for it in her real life, young Lina took to roleplaying instead in pretty much all forms -- tabletop, LARPing in the woods with her childhood friends (I’m sorry, lackeys), but especially RPing on the internet. Her characters were pretty much invariably blatant vessels for wish-fulfillment who were usually cooler, more powerful versions of herself. She was honestly a pretty shitty person to RP with because all of her favorite RP scenarios involved her having an excuse to do something cool and badass and then have a handsome prince fall for her, because she is a huge nerd. Frankly it is sort of embarrassing.

Lina’s powers finally manifested when she was around fourteen -- whether it was because all her studying finally paid off or just how it happened, she doesn’t really know. But who cares! She immediately proved herself to be of comparable power to her sister, which is...pretty considerable, and she was blowing stuff up and setting things on fire in no time. Good job, Lina. We are...so proud.

Now that she was equipped with real, actual magic powers, RPing on the internet kind of stopped holding its sway for her. Now she could get on with the real heroics she always knew she wanted to do -- killing bad guys! Searching for long-buried arcane knowledge! Killing more bad guys, and looking good doing it! Getting out into the world and having an adventure! She took her codename from her personal favorite self-insert RP character, ~~Lina Inverse~~, and started getting a little involved in local heroics on a small level -- mostly beating up small-time criminals and rude jerks.

Lina wound up leaving home fairly early after supremely pissing off Luna by selling some questionable photos of her to earn some traveling cash. The wrath of her older sister is actually the single most terrifying thing in Lina’s mind, and after a severe punishment that she refuses to talk about to this day, Lina decided it was best for her to skip town altogether. At the age of sixteen she left the New Jersey suburbia she’d grown up in to travel the world -- and put some healthy distance between herself and her sister for a while.

Lina got around quite a bit in the next couple of years -- her pursuit of money, good food, and magical knowledge, as well as her connections to the Enclave, led her to some interesting and frequently dangerous places, and even in those few short years, she improved on her already considerable magical skill and made quite a name for herself. It wasn’t really a good name, though -- despite some pretty impressive deeds she mostly became known for her tendency to clear out entire hordes of D-list villains at once...and the massive property damage that usually followed. Lina has always considered herself a superhero, but she always flocked quickest to jobs that promised some sort of compensation, whether it was payment for a hero for hire or a hefty reward or, hey, even just stealing straight from the villains themselves. This stuff doesn’t come for free, you know! She doesn’t really do “precise” or “moderation” when it comes to magic or beating up bad guys -- she goes in all the way with the vicious smackdown, and her delicate ego makes for a hair-trigger temper at that. If she’s saving a town, chances are she’s already destroyed part of it, and she’s shameless enough to still demand payment afterward. As a result, Lina Inverse’s name became quickly known in the hero community, but with an awful reputation. Some considered her more of a villain, and there are plenty of places where the people would rather fend for themselves than let Lina Inverse save them. Her skilled though totally reckless use of magic has earned her some heavy disapproval from the Enclave, too, and her total lack of regard for collateral damage didn’t exactly endear her to CONDOR either.

Just as Lina was making a name for herself, her sister Luna, whose own heroic endeavors were usually performed under the codename Knight of Ceipheed, was approached by Alpha Force with an invitation to join their ranks. Luna, unfortunately, was not super keen on relocating to L.A. for an otherwise pretty tempting job offer, since she was unwilling to give up her part-time job waitressing -- so instead, she sent them to Lina, along with a letter instructing her to take the offer. Lina, unable to refuse her sister for fear of the consequences even at a distance, then agreed to join the ranks of Alpha force at the young age of 18.

Lina only needed some convincing, in truth -- while she’s never been big on rules and restrictions, she does get to do some pretty cool stuff as an Alpha Force member, although her style has never jived particularly well with the rest of the team. Her smash first, ask questions later style, and her general lack of regard for mitigating collateral damage, didn’t make her much more popular on Alpha Force than she had been before, and a couple of years and millions of dollars paid out in property damage later, Celestia took Lina aside and politely suggested a change of career. Lina took this to mean that she and Alpha force “needed a break,” and proceeded to go on a sabbatical, much to the relief of basically everyone else.

Since she started out, Lina’s become quite the worldly young lady. She’s been all over the world as well as to a few other dimensions during her time with Alpha Force as well as her solo travels, and her reputation certainly hasn’t waned any. She’s expanded her magical repertoire considerably, and for someone so young she has an awful lot in the way of magical expertise under her belt -- some of this is due to her access to the Enclave’s and CONDOR’s resources both, but a lot of it is stuff she’s managed to discover on her own. She’s performed some pretty impressive feats, namely taking down a few considerably dangerous villains and a handful of dark lords from other dimensions, but her other, more notorious and less noble conquests still remain her more famous ones. Some girls just can’t catch a break!

After three years on “sabbatical,” Lina’s returned to L.A. (mostly unannounced) to resume her duties on Alpha Force and be the hero she knows the world needs her to be! After all, Alpha Force couldn’t have possibly been the same without their resident beautiful sorcery genius. You guys totally missed her, right? Yeah, of course you did. Anyway, closer to the truth is that she’s been tracking a couple of rare arcane artifacts and her search has led her back in the direction of L.A., so she figures she’ll rejoin the team and make good use of their resources (and probably clear out the entire CONDOR kitchen) while she hunts down some choice bits of magical knowledge.

Timeline, ish
2006 - started her “hero” “career”
2009 - joined CONDOR
2011 - went on sabbatical
2014 - returned to L.A.
Personality: Lina is quite the volatile sorceress, and she has a hair-trigger temper. Depending on how she’s feeling at the moment, just about negative remark about her might set her off -- she’s especially insecure about her girlish figure -- and once she’s lost her temper, she’s liable to set someone on fire or level a couple of buildings. Lina boasts quite a bit of self-confidence to the point of arrogance -- but the bravado is all part of her charm! A lot of her claims are exaggerated, but she’s just as much earned the rest of them with her sheer skill. She’s tenacious to a fault, and isn’t likely to give up even in the face of overwhelming adversity, or, as luck would have it, death. She’s been described by allies and enemies alike as greedy, impulsive, and reckless, but despite all that, she’s surprisingly cunning. A shrewd businesswoman, she’ll never let go of any money she doesn’t strictly have to, and she drives a hard bargain -- and she’s much more perceptive than she usually lets on. She’s great at thinking on her feet and making snap decisions when it comes down to it, which is how she’s gotten this far to begin with.

Lina’s conscience, though, might be called questionable at best by those who consider themselves of high moral character. While she does things that could be considered just in a certain light -- such as taking down villains and demon lords -- her motivations are often selfish greed or because she’s been given no other option, and even when this isn’t the case (she does do things with some altruistic intentions sometimes), she’s likely to let others believe that it is. She sees no qualms with stealing money and resources from villains she’s beating up -- after all, a girl’s gotta eat, right? She’s pretty okay with manipulating people to certain short-term ends, even her friends, to get them to play along in her plans, and she has little restraint when it comes to destructive spells. Lina seems like she’s always in it for herself, and unabashedly displays her most selfish and greedy side when the money or treasure comes out.

Despite all that, she’s not all bad. Even with her front of bravado and recklessness, she does have some sense of responsibility -- there’s a spell or two in her repertoire that could have disastrous consequences if miscast, and she resorts to that sort of thing only under the direst of consequences. And despite her villain-smiting vice, she’ll protect the lives of her friends to the end, and usually of innocent people, too...although she does have a problem with collateral damage. The fact is that she does care a great deal about her companions, but it tends to come out only in serious situations. And although she’s embarrassed to admit it, Lina does have a soft side. She’s also quite the natural leader with her never-say-die attitude, and is excellent at motivating people -- in a variety of ways.

Lina’s favorite things in life are food and money -- with obscure magical knowledge coming up close in third. She’ll toss a fireball at anyone who gets between her and a good, hot meal, and to say that she’s a glutton is putting it lightly. Despite her all-for-me attitude, Lina can and does get along with people -- until a conflict of interest arises. Lina usually won’t settle for anything less than having her way, and she’ll claw, bite, and fireball her way to the top if necessary. Just as she’s likely to never give up in the face of adversity, she’s reluctant to admit defeat in an argument. There really only two people to whom she’ll willingly defer, and that’s to her sister and to Celestia, although she puts up a lot of resistance with the leader of Alpha Force, too. There are only a few things that truly terrify her -- slugs, the deaths of the people she cares most deeply for, and even the slightest mention of her older sister.
Differences from canon: SURPRISINGLY FEW, TBH

The specifics of Lina’s adventures are largely left vague and hazy in this circumstance so while she’s done a fair bit of adventuring and shit, it’s safe to say that none of it necessarily mirrors any of her canon adventures. She’s on an actual superhero team and isn’t actually 100% in charge of her own business anymore, so having to defer to other people, however willingly, does affect her behavior somewhat. She isn’t going to be able to be quite as reckless or self-interested as she usually is all of the time, and being beholden to a government that could actually do something about it means she’s showing a new level of restraint. She’s still pretty bad about collateral damage, though.

Power level: A
Powers: GENERAL MAGIC BULLSHIT. most of her magic is in the explosions department but she can do a lot of other shit including FLY
She is also PRETTY KNOWLEDGEABLE about magic stuff in general, fairly above average in that department
Team affiliation: Alpha Force. i'm so sorry

First person sample: Lina & Megamind at Tu Shanshu
Prose sample: Capital H test drive meme


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here's an HMD post if you need or want to leave me crit and all that jazz

i also have an HMD post at my musebox if you'd like to leave stuff there instead!
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Player Information:
Name: Madi
Age: 18+ XXX all the way baby
Contact: [plurk.com profile] runawayballista 
Game Cast: Mandorallen ([personal profile] inshiningarmor; http://tushanshu.dreamwidth.org/11330.html
Already a member? List character names and accounts, plus a link to their AC post (if you have one) or last AC thread.

Character Information:
Name: Lina Inverse, aka Bandit Killer, Dragon Spooker, Enemy Of All Who Live, THE LIST GOES ON OK
Canon: Slayers (anime canon)
Canon Point: After the end of Evolution-R?
Age: 19
Reference: http://kanzaka.wikia.com/wiki/Lina_Inverse

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